Since her early twenty's, Quigz has always felt at ease when talking to young people about life's experiences. Being a motivation speaker requires the ability to connect with all audiences to bring across a message of positivity and understanding.

We wanted the "Quigz Quigley" brand to reflect the large diverse audience that Quigz has built through the last decade. We strive to show other women the strength that can be found in the brand and through our marketing and outreach programs.

One of "Quigz Quigley’s" first opportunities came through the music industry, with a band called Monkey Bars. Quigz was featured in cd covers, and other promotional materials.

Through her high school years, into her early twenty's, Quigz has frequently enjoyed many sport and sporting events. From football, softball, to many other professional sporting events, Quigz has trail blazed the way for women wanting to enter into these sports. This has led to modeling and marketing positions with many sporting promoters, and including teams. One of these was a semi pro football team names Tri-City Chargers.

Having great working relations with multiple photo studios has really helped us develop the "Quigz Quigley" brand. We have worked with quality photo studios in the New England area to diversify our product catalog. Each studio opens a new path of creativity that has helped propel the "Quigz Quigley" brand to an international audience.

While living in northern New Hampshire, Quigz worked with Larcom Studios to develop a strong business portfolio, as well as an outdoor product catalog. In addition to Larcom Studios, Quigz has also worked with Levreault Studios to develop a diverse image portfolio that demonstrated the versatility of the "Quigz Quigley" brand.

At Quigz Quigley, we have a passion for what we do. We have a creative team that likes to work hard, to be successful, while still being able to do what we love the most.

No matter what your needs are, "Quigz Quigley" can help bring your product to a professional level. We are available for many different events in the New England area.


  • Product Modeling

  • Event Modeling

  • Calender's and Proportionals

  • Business Promotions and Audience Building


To start getting the benefits that come with the "Quigz Quigley" brand, simply fill out our Booking Request Form and one of our booking agents will return your request with the relevant information and availability.